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Types of decors

Basic class of the decors used in Centurion-made products. Technology involved in making the HDF lacquered boards guarantees color recurrence and imitates wood grain. OPtimal product quality with affordable price. BASIC class decors are used in BOSTON, BOSTON STANDARD PLUS, ETNA, YORK, MANHATTAN, MONTANA, VESTO product lines.
Class of Centurion decors which enables long operation of the doors in residential buildings. Technology of production guarantees detailed projection of the wood grain and recurrence of the colour. Doors finished using PREMIUM class decors are resistant to abrasion and colour-fading.They are available with Denver, Modesto, Oslo, Vigo, Reno, Vila, Etna, Kobe, Sapporo, Montana, Osaka Mirage, Osaka, Monaco, Vila Soft, Oslo Soft, Reno Soft, Etna Soft, Denver Soft, Haga, Bergen product lines.
Class of Centurion decors with highest resistance to external factors. This type of decor is the hardest synthetic overlay with exceptionally high resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. Does not require any special care or maintenance. EXTREME class of decors guarantees full recurrence of pattern and colour. It is ideal for places where the doors are exposed to a very intense use, especially public buildings: schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc.