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Types of construction

Obrzeże ABS

Drzwi przesuwne
Drzwi dwuskrzydłowe

SOFT FRAME Door is constructed using high quality bonded wooden lath. This technology allows for a product with increased strength, stability and structural rigidity. Additionally, the edges are round, the joint of the decor is not visible.
SOFT technology Edges of the door leaf are rounded. The joining of the decor is in the rebate. Modern technology increases the aesthetic and utility value of the door leaf.
Frame Construction is made using plywood and MDF. This allows for increased structural rigidity of the product.
Veneered Door skin is an HDF board finished with decor (foil). Narrow planes (edges) are finished using rim matching decor. Poszycie stanowi płyta HDF pokryta drewnopodobnymi okleinami. Wąskie płaszczyzny oklejone obrzeżem w kolorze skrzydła.
Flush Door skin is a HDF board. Depending on decor type it is either veneered or lacquered.
Embossed Inner construction comprises of rail and stile with a stabilizer filling (X-mash). Door skin is made using embossed HDF board with wood structure. Manually lacquered several times using ecological water-based tranparent lacquer.
Reinforced This construction comprises of the inner rail and stile with chipboard filling. Door skin is the HDF board either lacquered or veneered with decor resistant to abrasion and moisture - depending on the actual model. Double sided reinforcement with aluminium sheet makes the door leaf more rigid and less susceptible to adverse operating conditions.

Fire rated and acoustic doors Drzwi techniczne przeznaczone są do stosowania jako drzwi wewnętrzne wejściowe w budownictwie mieszkaniowym, użyteczności publicznej oraz budynkach zamieszkania zbiorowego. We are proud to present you with two versions of the doors with special parametres - fire rating EI230 (barrier against spreading of the fire for 30 minutes), smoke proof of a Sa/Sm class (barrier against the penetration of carbon oxide and smoke for 30 minutes), and with acoustic isolation Rw=32dB. Doors available as a set comprising of wooden frame and door leaf.